transforming spiritual travel

Transforming Spiritual Travel

Mercury is in retrograde. It’s time to rethink things. We’re also approaching the Feast of Transformation. Now it is the perfect time for transforming spiritual travel. The energy is right.

November will mark twenty years of tours for Rainbow Serpent Adventures. Lots has changed in that time. There are a whole lot more pilgrims going to sacred places. Lots of tour companies have sprung up to accommodate the demand. Plastic “Made in China” souvenir sellers now swarm sites that used to only see a few people. The scene is no longer a fit for me.

Over the years, we have cultivated friendships with very special people who live far away from each other and may not have anything in common other than their shared passion for the spiritual. We come together year after year as much to enjoy each other’s company as much as to experience Nature and the sacred sites.

The popular spiritual sites have become too noisy and crowded to hear Spirit. So, I am taking a step back and returning to what brought me to sacred travel to begin with. We’re transforming spiritual travel by focusing on the inner, small space rather than the outer, big spaces.

What’s that going to look like? Smaller retreat-like experiences. Non-tour tours. We may do some driving around and looking at sites, but it’s probably going to have a lot more sitting in one place and day-tripping. It’s probably going to involve more sitting around a fire pit enjoying the sunset with strangers who are in the process of becoming friends.

The first twenty years has been about going out to the sacred. Perhaps the next twenty will be about finding it within. So transforming spiritual travel will be more about the inner journey. After all, even when we were seeing the world, it always was about the inner experience.

So, look for something new for 2020. It’s still evolving. It’s in the process of becoming. If you’re intrigued and want to see if this is right for you, join us on our private Facebook group to see who participates, where we’ve gone, and what we’ve done. If it clicks, you’re welcome to come along. But don’t wait. All trips will be small, intimate gatherings. So space will always be limited.

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