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Awesome! You’re interested in registering for a spiritual tour with Laura Giles and Rainbow Serpent Adventures. I want you to have the most spectacular time. Preparation is key! Please read the following articles so that you know what to expect:

Is Group Travel for Me?

Top Twelve Survival Tips for Touring With Strangers

What to Expect on a Sacred Travel Journey

What to Expect on a Spiritual Intensive

Thirteen Signs That You’re Having a Spiritual Awakening

Still with me? Fabulous! I don’t “screen” people for suitability for the tour. I trust that whomever is supposed to be here is who shows up. Let’s chat beforehand so that I can answer any questions or concerns that you have to make sure that this is the right trip for you. Trust your gut. This is a very special type of adventure. It’s not right for everyone, but wildly spectacular when there’s a good fit.

Please be aware that my role is to:

  • facilitate any issues that arise between you and other travelers or you and/or the tour providers
  • assist with the release or integration of any emotional or energetic changes that arise
  • if time permits, offer group exercises or educational opportunities to enhance your experience (such as dream groups, past life regression, breath work sessions, etc)
  • create a way for trip members to talk beforehand and after the fact. You will make memories that last far beyond the trip. Only those who shared it with you can truly understand. These connections are invaluable.
  • assist in the event of an emergency (such as medical problem, criminal activity, lost or stolen passport, etc)

I can fulfill my role best when there is open and clear communication. Don’t hesitate to come to me with any question or concern.

Ready to go? Click on the tour or retreat of your choice below:

Register for the Peru Tour – Registration Closed

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