Red Tent Girl’s Weekend

What’s a Red Tent Girl’s Weekend?

I’ve got really great girlfriends. We regularly meet up for girl’s time to just do girl things. Sometimes it’s just renting a beach house, grilling food on the deck, going to karaoke, dancing, cooking, talking, hiking, camping, playing games, engaging in some sort of sports activity, or maybe doing something wild and ¬†out of the ordinary. The main event though, is just being in the company of other women. This gives us a chance to connect, vent, share, grow, and relax away from the every day masculine world.

I am lucky to have a group like this. I am also lucky to have fabulous sisters and a moon circle. “Man, all women should have this!” is what I always say. So, here it is. It’s not exactly a spiritual quest, but it sure is good for the spirit!

Who Should Come?

  • Women who don’t have girlfriends.
  • Females whose girlfriend’s can’t do a girl’s weekend because they have little kids, jobs, school, responsibilities, debt, etc. that won’t allow them to come.
  • Women who are surrounded by guys and need some feminine energy in their lives.
  • Ladies who need to get out of their comfort zone and get a fresh perspective.
  • Females who are looking for a safe place to explore their feelings, themselves, or what it means to be a women while in the company of other women without drama.
  • Water babies. We will have a pool and the ocean right outside the doorway.

What’s Included?

    • The main attraction of the Red Tent Girls’ Weekend is hanging out with other women. It’s like a Red Tent gathering only all weekend long.
    • Hot and cold breakfast foods are included daily. You have to make your own breakfast, but everything will already be there.
    • If you have a special diet or just like cooking, we have a fully equipped kitchen available.
    • Welcome dinner.
    • Snacks.
    • 3 nights lodging.
    • We will have some meditative, self-reflective activities that can help you get in touch with yourself, but everything is optional. Do what you want.

When’s the Next One?

October 2019 in Outer Banks, NC