Spiritual Tours and Intensives

Laura Giles is available for three different types of spiritual tours: custom, intensive healing retreats, and general public tours. All go to sacred destinations. Laura Giles facilitates all tours so that you are never alone.


Custom Spiritual Tours

Custom tours are BYOP- bring your own people! You come with your own group of one to fifteen people. You decide where and when you want to go. Laura will arrange the itinerary, lodging, transportation, site fees, meals, and accompany your group. Because you’re in control, your group can depart from one airport or several. Easy peasy! All you have to do is show up.

Intensive Healing Retreats

Laura Giles is a trauma therapist with knowledge of many healing modalities. The private, intensive healing retreats are designed for 1 or 2 people. They start on a Friday evening and go until Sunday morning. The day will include one-on-one therapy that targets guilt, shame or grief. We will go deep within, take a break in Nature, release some more, eat, and then go back to work. Expect a blend of laughter, tears, and forgiveness.

Healing varies from person to person, but a weekend may be equivalent to a year’s worth of weekly out-patient therapy. The therapy is NOT for those who want to talk about their problems. It’s better for those who want to go deep within where words don’t reach.

Ready to schedule? Email me for available dates and prices.

General Public Spiritual Tours

These tours are advertised to the public. If you feel called to come, come! You are welcome. Tour size tends to max out at 16.