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Made in China Spiritual Tours

The last four international trips I have been on were to “must see” spiritual travel sites. Some were repeat visits to places I’ve been before and loved. Others were new. The thing that they all have in common is that they’ve become Made in China.

What I mean by that is that they’ve sold out to tourists. They are now swarming with cookie cutter tours and cookie cutter souvenirs. It’s “rush to pack as many tourists in so that we can maximize income.” The spiritual consumerism distracts from the specialness of the place.

Now, this is a double edged sword, isn’t it? On one hand, we want people to seek the light within and without, don’t we? It’s good for everyone. It’s good for them, the local economy, and the planet if we all have healing and growth. Whatever gifts the land has to offer is shared among those who need it. If the local population has healing modalities, those are also brought into the world where they can flourish. All great stuff.

The downside is that all the selfie seekers who want a picture of themselves at Stonehenge, the pyramids, or Machu Picchu are just there for that. They aren’t meditating and receiving. They are taking. Energy dies when it’s not exchanged.

The demand for the soul of the place can’t keep up with the supply, so it’s outsourced. Goods that are made in China compete with authentic ones of value, quality, and sentimentality. Services from other cultures (like chanting, massage, and rituals) compete with the local ones. This brings in practitioners from outside the area and lowers the quality and authenticity. Everything becomes watered down and looks just like everywhere else. I don’t go cross the sea to be somewhere that is everywhere else.

This is why Rainbow Serpent Adventures is changing. I know there are many “top ten of spiritual destinations” out there, but they won’t be a part of the tours we are offering. I don’t want to contribute to this or participate in it. Rainbow Serpent Adventures started because I had a spectacular and magical experience that I wanted to share with others. When that is no longer possible, the tours will end. Since the world has many lesser known, hidden secrets, that is where we are going next.

There will be no made in China tours here! What you will see in the coming years is lesser known destinations, fewer crowds, and more space to feel the land, energy and yourself. I hope you like what you see. Stay tuned.

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