moon drunk

Moon Drunk

flames dance to the steady, rhythmic drum, first red, then gold, then green,   as disembodied voices echo through the trees joining the singers in the circle.   who’s here? crickets? frogs? dogs? ghosts watching from the darkness?   dancers writhe in shadows to Nature’s feral orchestra lost between here and there   I am […]

be wobbly

It’s Okay to Be Wobbly

I’m wobbly. This isn’t the first time that this has happened. Spiritual travel can do this to me. Death, birth, graduation, marriage, divorce, menopause, betrayal, bankruptcy, or disillusionment, can create it. Heck, life can sometimes do it for no particular reason at all. It’s where we go when our world breaks open. The boundaries explode […]


How Will You Hear the Whispers?

In Wales I learned to hear the whispers. In the past I have concentrated on going where Spirit roars. These are power places where even the most dense people can feel the swirls of the earth’s chakras attuning their bodies. They are exciting. They provide “proof” that something transformative is happening. Big shifts happen. Lives […]