Sacred Travel for the Spiritual Seeker

Have your juices run dry? Need more meaning in your life? Are you ready for an awakening? Sounds like it's time for a once-in-a-lifetime spiritual tour with Laura Giles. Laura's tours will help you dump the baggage, invigorate your life, and give you fuel to make positive changes. Are you ready? Check out the Sacred Travel Tours tab to see where we are going next.

Why Choose Rainbow Serpent Adventures?

Growth. All tours are designed with personal and spiritual growth in mind, but it’s so subtle that it never feels like work.

Surprises. Since Laura travels extensively, she has a lot of local contacts that magically open the doors to cultural insights and local flavor. That, and a little luck, make each spiritual tour amazingly unforgettable.

Spontaneity! A flexible itinerary often means Laura can often offer group time with things like past life regression, meditation, or dream groups.

Space. If you want to get in touch with yourself and the land, you need space. Since the group size is small and intimate, you will have enough company for stimulation, but not enough to distract you from yourself. You always have down time for yourself to shop, meditate, chill out, journal, or catch up on sleep too.

Support. Laura Giles is a holistic therapist. She knows that change can be hard. It can shake you up. She is available to assist with the release of old baggage and the acquisition of laughter, love, and peace. In fact, she will bring it with her to get you started off right!

Sustainability. Laura tries to help make you aware of what you are getting so that your growth doesn’t end when the tour does. You want to be able to take your changes with you and transfer them to your every day life.

Transformation. The whole experience creates change on a soul level that you won’t believe is possible.

If this sounds like the type of spiritual tour you are looking for, come along!


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