Tour Sacred Scotland

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Tour Sacred Scotland – Highlands and Islands

Everything is energy. Everyone has their own vibration. When our values, beliefs, and behaviors are out of sync, we begin to feel unhappy, unmotivated, stuck, and even physically ill. When you come into contact with a place that has a high vibrational energy, it brings your own energy up. In this new state, you can begin to see alternatives, have hope, feel excited, inspired, and have motivation to move towards harmony. Perhaps this is why Scotland, with the second oldest stones in the world, call to so many as a place of pilgrimage.

Often simply being in a place of power is enough to help you let go of things that no longer serve you and move towards a bright, new future. Sometimes, however, we still need a little help. That’s where your facilitator comes in. During the tour, Laura Giles will offer brief group sessions to help you maximize your growth. Some will be experiential, some will be lecture. So come with a goal of what you want to let go of and what you want to manifest. Watch your new future unfold.

The theme for this tour is Go Wild. Surrounded by the elements of nature, will you allow yourself to go wild? Let the earth ground you, the sky uplift you, the waters take you into your deepest soul, to light a fire within you. Scotland is calling! Will you heed to call to come?

June 9 – June 19 2017

$ 2950

land only/double occupancy

Italian Chapel

Site Highlights

Stones of Stenness– part of a complex that is located at the spiritual center of Orkney

Clava Cairns– one of the most sacred Scottish sites that is situated on ley lines

Skara Brae– this site is older than the pyramids!

Iona– called the birthplace of western Christianity, this has been a site of pilgrimage for a 1500 years

Mull– a place of stunning natural beauty and abundant stone monuments.

Fingal’s Cave– this world famous cave is not only known for its visual beauty, but also its haunting echoes. It inspires music!

Loch Ness – the famous home of the Loch Ness monster

Loch Lomond– its bonny banks were immortalized in song

The sacred sites in the area where we are touring are so concentrated that there is no way to see them all.

Tour Highlights

  • 9 days of touring
  • breakfast daily
  • site entry fees
  • 11 nights double occupancy B&B
  • air conditioned vehicle with driver
  • airport transfers
  • experienced, English speaking tour guide with knowledge of spiritual Scotland
  • transformational group sessions with Laura Giles
  • all the joy your heart can contain
    detailed itinerary here

Fingal's CaveWho Should Tour Scotland?

Physically fit, adventurous souls with an interest in history, culture, spirituality and a desire to explore sacred Scotland are welcome. If you’re ready to go with your flow, you’re perfect for this trip. We’re going high into the mountains, close to God and into the emotional waters of the earth and ourselves. If you dare, you’ll also see into your own soul.

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“This was way better than going on a commercial tour. I felt like I experienced everything and got to connect with the land and the people. Unforgettable. Go, and have a great experience too!” ~ Lisa, Rhode Island USA ‘04

“Touring with Laura is like touring with a well-connected native. Seemingly effortlessly, Laura pulls together the sights, people and places you want to see. “Tourist” destinations are included, but most everything has an “off the beaten path” perspective you won’t often find on crowded buses with overworked tour guides.”~ Samira, VA ’06

“The most informative, life changing tour I have ever experienced! I was given all the head information that was required, and had not realized the extent my heart would be moved, changed, uplifted and shifted into a new reality. Everyday in England was a shock to preconceived notions. I spent so much time processing and allowing the changes to flow. It is difficult to explain all that went on during this tour. I just know I am changed for the betterment of my heart, my spirit and all phases of my health!” J.E., MO, ’15

St. MagnusNotes to the Traveler

  • All travelers must have a valid passport that expires no less than Dec 2017 to tour sacred Scotland with us.
  • Not included: Meals not listed, insurance, medical care, and items of a personal nature, such as water, telephone calls, taxes, souvenirs, and tips are not included. International airfare is not included.
  • Included: transfers to and from the airport to our lodgings. Entry fees to all sites listed in the itinerary. Transportation to all sites listed. Breakfast daily. English speaking guide. Double occupancy lodging. Group sessions with Laura during the tour to help you enhance your experience and help you understand and integrate any changes that happen as we travel.
  • Single hotel upgrade may be available. If you have special needs that make rooming solo a better option for you and the group, please ask about this option. The fee is $____ .
  • The maximum capacity for the tour is 15. This will assure that each person can has Laura’s personal attention, if needed.
  • Sorry, there is no early bird discount; however, the main incentive to registering early is that space is limited.
  • There is a 25% cancellation penalty.
  • You may register any time up to May 1 assuming space is available.
  • Full payment is due at the time of booking.
  • Due to the large amounts of walking in remote in natural landscapes (ie, sometimes steep trails with no paved walkways with pretty handrails) this tour is not recommended for those with walking difficulties or a low level of physical fitness.
    Laura’s tours always include a lot of time in nature to take advantage of the healing power of the outdoors – fresh air, flowing waters, open sky, and the earth itself. The tour will go on despite the weather. Please come prepared. Scotland can be wet and cold.
  • Price may change if the currency rate fluctuates. Once you are booked, your price will remain firm.
  • We reserve the right to change any and all items on the itinerary and/or prices if local or world conditions change.
  • Travelers insurance is recommended.
  • All travelers must agree to the terms and conditions to participate in this adventure.