The Living Goddess Intensive

Jan 12- 15, 2018

Nags Head, NC

Ladies, Are You Ready to Get Your Groove Back Without Doing Another 300 Person Seminar with a Motivational Speaker?

Been there, done that, eh? It feels good for a while, doesn’t it. Then, bleh. You’re right back where you started. There is no real change.

Know why? Because humans aren’t designed to learn like that! Come to the Living Goddess Intensive and learn how to be the goddess that you are. Enjoy experiential learning with social support that is so fun and natural that your transformation will feel like living, not work. And that’s what we want, right? To live well.

“If you educate a man; you educate a man. When you educate a woman; you educate a generation.” ~Brigham Young

This retreat is a *female only (LGBTQ) adventure that will help us to get into that space of wholeness. Each day we will experience teachings and meditations. The greatest teacher will be life itself. The sharing stories within our sacred circle will help us to step out of our old stories and into more empowering ones. The group itself, nature, and life will show you how to bring this divine energy into your every day life so that the retreat isn’t just a getaway, but an entry way.

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Spiritual Intensive Highlights

  • 3 breakfasts
  • 2 lunches
  • 3 nights lodging
  • 2 excursions to take advantage of the natural healing powers of the earth, sea, and sky
  • We will explore various ideas (wheels within wheels) to create a template for wholeness and life so that you always know where you are and where to go next.
  • We will engage in exercises to help you release your shadow, know your purpose, and step into your power so that you can live it in every day life.
  • Our small group size will ensure that you have individualized attention, yet will also benefit from the group energy and questions.
  • We have a full schedule, however we do have an excursion on Saturday and Sunday and dinner each day is on our own so that we can get out, get some fresh air, and process if you need some downtime. Please also consider this when booking your sleeping accommodation. If you are an introvert or a highly sensitive person, you may wish to secure a single room.
  • Plan on being tired on Monday. You may want to plan to take Tuesday off. Our schedule is full, but know that releasing and healing takes energy. Give yourself space to integrate before going back to a full schedule. It’s possible that you will feel energized, but if you don’t, this is normal. Plan for it.

Your Investment

$500 single bed in a room shared with up to 4 people, shared bath (4 available)

$575 double bed in a room shared with up to 2 people, private bath (2 available)

$690 deluxe single with king sized bed and private bath (2 available), price if shared is $600 per person.

We are in a private home. We have a kitchen available if you’d like to cook. Just remember to clean up after yourself as we have no maid service.

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Who Needs a Living Goddess Intensive?

  • Women who need a break from living in the masculine energy of thinking, doing, organizing, planning, achieving, mastering instead of feeling, being, touching, dancing, loving, connecting, and creating.
  • Ladies who don’t see themselves reflected in the females in media or in their neighborhoods.
  • Females who feel like they are suffering alone from this lack of connection to their femininity.
  • Women who don’t have strong female role models in their families to help them grow into healthy mothers and crones.
  • Ladies who are looking for a pack of wild women to run with, be vulnerable, laugh, and cry with.
  • Women who want to bring softness and authenticity into their day to day life.

This journey requires courage. This is an active participation adventure.

You’ll never be forced to do what you don’t want to do, but you must have willingness. If you need to be carried part of the way, that is what I am here for. You may crumple, but I will always help you back to your feet. In the end, you’ll feel stronger, more empowered, and more deeply yourself.


“You bring out the best of anyone in the group by being caring and yet so determined. I also LOVE your lack of attraction for drama. I would go to hell with you if you offered that tour.” C.V., VA ’17

“The story of my Peru tour with you now sounds so fabricated (and I have added nothing to it, there’s no need) that I have to share pics!! I remember saying that it was the best trip I had been on and I have been on many. I could feel God, my angels, spirit guides, spirit animals, heck the entire universe was with and a part of me on that journey.” F.H, VA ’16

“You have enabled me to have one of the most exciting experiences of my life. There aren’t enough ways to say thank you. You have truly been an inspiration and a wonderful influence on my life.” Serina, WV, ’06

Notes to the Traveler

  • When you register, please tell me your self improvement target. If I know what it is, I can help you hit it this weekend.
  • Not included: Meals not listed, insurance, medical care, and items of a personal nature, such as water, telephone calls, taxes, souvenirs,  airfare, and tips.
  • Included: Meals listed. Double occupancy lodging.
  • The maximum capacity for the tour is 8. This is to keep the energy and pace manageable.
  • Sorry, there is no early bird discount; however, the main incentive to registering early is that space is limited.
  • You may register any time – assuming space is available.
  • Payment is due in full at the time of reservation.
  • You may cancel anytime with written notice. There is a 25% cancellation fee UNLESS there is someone on the waiting list who is willing to take your spot. You may also transfer your deposit and/or registration fee to someone else.
  • This retreat is not recommended for those with walking difficulties or a low level of physical fitness. If you are unable to do the outdoor excursions and would still like to come, you are welcome.
  • Laura’s tours always include a lot of time in nature to take advantage of the healing power of the outdoors – fresh air, flowing waters, open sky, and the earth itself. The tour will go on despite the weather. Please come prepared.
  • Price may change if the currency rate fluctuates. Once you are booked, your price will remain firm.
  • We reserve the right to change any and all items on the itinerary and/or prices if local or world conditions change.