Mount Shasta Retreat – Detailed Itinerary

Is there a more fitting place for the “Healing the Root of Shame” Mount Shasta Retreat than the earth’s root chakra? In spiritual Mount Shasta’s thin air, your body feels the importance of slowing down and taking in oxygen. The earth’s root chakra is the foundation of the body. It holds the energy of stability, fear, belonging, worthiness, and security. When our root is strong, it serves as a strong base from which our wholeness can blossom.

Arrival Day

Our healing involves a ritual that takes place over several days. It starts with your arrival. You will check into a hotel (included, TBD) and text me that you’re here. I will meet everyone individually in the order of arrival. During your time with me, we will prepare you for your journey by tending to your soul wounds so that you are ready to be in sacred space with other people.

Before the retreat is over, you will be asked to name the shame that bound you, but not yet. To move to the next stage, we just have to be willing to accept that what happened was part of your destiny.

Overnight in your room alone.

Please arrive early (before noon or 1:00 p.m.) in the day so that I have enough time to meet with everyone on the day of arrival.

Day 2

Today, with our wounds tended and acceptance of our destiny, we meet our fellow travelers at the Welcome Breakfast. After breakfast we move to our retreat getaway.

At breakfast, you can play “If It Were My Dream.” This is a way of sharing the messages from your unconscious (dreams). Others give feedback on what the dream seems to be saying to them. This practice helps you to honor your intuition and deepen your relationship with your inner self.

We will do a bit of touring to get acquainted with the local energy, rest up from our trip, and relax for the healing ahead.

We will end this day with a Cuddle Party. This is a boundaries workshop that will set the tone for how to interact with others in a healthy way while we are all going through a process that may trigger us. Since we all may be deliriously happy one moment and crying the next, we have to know how to care for ourselves and accept people where they are. The Cuddle Party will help to create those boundaries in a safe way.

Days 3 – 6

Our Mount Shasta retreat starts each day with breakfast and “If It Were My Dream.”

We will have a morning healing or spiritual activity followed by an outing.

As we’re in close quarters, we will need this space outside (usually) to be alone with our thoughts, process our experience, feel our feelings, and just enjoy being alive.

Each day ends with another group activity that will continue our healing ritual. The pace will be very leisurely.

Our final evening together, we will have a Talking Circle. If you are ready, you will speak your shame so that the group will help you bear it. (Or you can release it altogether). The more vulnerable you are willing to be, the more you can release. We will be letting go little by little. So by the last day, you may feel very ready to let it all go.

This is a really intense process. It requires a lot of guts. There is lots of time for personal development, lots of space for letting go and getting grounded again. There is also lots of togetherness, so that you never journey alone and you can practice sharing so that to bring what you gain back into the real world. If you’re ready and willing to go through the fire, I make sure you get to the other side stronger.

Planning Notes for the Traveler

  • You can fly into Redding, CA (60 miles away), Medford, OR (90 minutes way) or Sacramento, CA (3-4 hours away, but the flights are a lot easier and perhaps less expensive).
  • We may be able to coordinate rides from the airport if people are arriving at the same place and relatively same time.
  • You may wish to arrive a day earlier to get rested, acclimated to the time change and altitude, and give yourself enough time to spend in the first day’s one on one process with Laura to prepare for the journey.
  • Breakfast is provided daily. We will be close enough to town to go out for meals; however, we will have our own kitchen. If you have a special diet (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, diabetic, etc) you can provide your own meals. Or we may wish to eat in as a group at times. This may also help with budgeting.