Spiritual Intensives FAQ

What’s a Spiritual Intensive?

Laura noticed that many people would get a high after touring with her. It slowly faded until about a year later, they needed another fix. Laura designed the spiritual intensive to help people make the insights and changes they gained from travel into a permanent part of their lifestyle.

So the spiritual intensive is a boot camp where participants gain knowledge, participate in experiences, and surrender to he magic of life so that they don’t have to go on tour to feel rejuvenated. They can create a rejuvenating life right where they are.

Sometimes we have situations or people that suck the life out of us. Many of us have childhood baggage. Some of us just feel like misfits in our own skin. Laura has many skills that she uses to help clear away the blocks and help us to regain our childlike innocence to see the world afresh.

Themed Experiences

Each spiritual intensive focuses on a specific population with well defined goals. Each intensive includes:

  • travel to a destination that will allow us to get outside and enjoy the healing properties of nature.
  • time alone to be introspective.
  • social time. People need people.
  • short bursts of learning with Q&A so that you understand what’s jamming you up and what and keep you going.
  • experiential learning. We all learn better by doing, right?

What’s the Difference Between a Tour and an Intensive?

Tours move from place to place. The magic happens from the spiritual energy of the land and the group. Touring is a pure heart experience. The focus is on experiencing or Be-ing.

A spiritual intensive stays in one place. This is a more holistic experience that incorporates body, mind, and spirit into the learning. The focus is on growing.

If you have any questions, please reach out.