Spiritual Retreats FAQ

What’s a Spiritual Retreat?

In the beginning Laura only offered amazing experiences on sacred travel tours. Laura noticed that many people would get a high after touring with her. It slowly faded until about a year later. Then they needed another fix. She wanted this high to last longer. So she put on her thinking cap to figure out how to make that happen.

Laura realized that there is a need for different types of experiences because there are different forms of learning. Tours are great for intuitive and experiential learning. During a tour, we move from place to place. Magic happens from being in the vicinity of high spiritual energy that comes from the land and our group. Touring is a holistic experience. It’s usually physical so you are in your body. It’s definitely emotional. Your spirit is also touched and engaged. The focus is on experiencing and Be-ing.

The problem is that once you get home, you may not be able to hold on to that or bring it into your every day life. You might need some instruction, focus, and practice. Online learning is great for learning skills and data through the mind. You can’t recreate what you don’t intellectually understand. Laura designed an online learning environment at Virtual Walden Pond to help people make the insights and changes they gained from travel into a permanent part of their lifestyle. The online learning is a solo, go at your own pace, adventure.

Retreats stay in one place. Attendees come together to experience life in the company of others who agree to make this our “safe space” to just Be. It’s a place to connect, emote, share, be seen, see, speak, listen, attune with Nature, and grow. Feel free to take alone time to be introspective. If you’re feeling social, reach out. There may be excursions or outings, but there is no programming.

If you have any questions, please reach out.