rainbow serpentAbout Rainbow Serpent Adventures

The mission of Rainbow Serpent Adventures is to illuminate the soul through travel. Our tours are known for being up close and personal, off the beaten track, and high on local culture.

As for destinations, there are many thin places in the world – places where it’s easier to access the spirit world, places of power and transformation. Laura Giles has found that the sites that are most transformative for most people most of the time lie on ley lines and vortices. The most powerful ones tend to be on the Rainbow and Plumed Serpent lines. Our tours focus on sacred destinations found on these lines.

At Rainbow Serpent Adventures, each trip is designed with an understanding and respect for the ancestor spirits and the connection between land, animals, plants, rocks, sky, and people. For this reason, we are often under the naked sky. Each trip is also designed to provide travelers opportunities to connect on  a deep, holistic level to themselves, others, and all of creation.


Laura Giles, LCSW

About Laura Giles

In 1998, I set out for Cairo, Egypt on what would become my first sacred travel journey. Although most of us begin with the intention of meeting the divine either within ourselves or somewhere “out there,” this particular journey snuck up on me and touched off a passion for sacred travel that has never waned. Spiritual travel disrupts my complacency, gently (or sometimes insistently) nudges me towards growth, and enlightens my soul. Different places have different energy so the exploration never ends. It’s been a grand adventure that I’ve shared with others since hosting my first tour in 1999.

As a licensed clinical social worker, I am available to assist with the release of old energy or integration of new. I will always be here to support you through your journey.

Since tours are flexible, I cannot guarantee what spiritual group work or ritual we might do on any given tour. However, if time and space permits, we might do things like dream groups, past life regression, energy healing, or meditation.

If you are looking for a sterile, pristine, comfortable journey, this is not it. You have to get out of your comfort zone to grow. Expect to be challenged. This will change you. It will rattle you. And when you shake off the dust and things settle, you will see the opportunity to open yourself up to a new version of you. Will you take it?

If you are ready to begin your exploration, click here to see where we are going next. If you’re feeling daring, join us.